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Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-Piété known as Lacoste Chapel

Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Piété, dite Chapelle Lacoste

Old site of an oratory founded in 1350 by the Boucel brothers, it was linked to the commune of Châteaufort. In the 18th century, the Lacoste Chapel is built on the same site.

Denis Lacoste, assistant provost marshal of the King’s armies and owner of the
farm of Aigrefoin built it.

It appears under the name of Lacoste Chapel on the administration map of 1787. The masonry building has a surface area of about 9m2. Its roof is covered with slate.

This chapel only has one opening, the door, which looks onto a canopy enclosed with an iron gate. It is one of the rare chapels existing in the territory.

It was a place of pilgrimage in favour of the rain. This chapel, which belongs to the commune, remains open to the public everyday with the concern that people can meditate in a religious building when the wish.

As the Lacoste Chapel became small to receive the numerous inhabitants of Cressely, a new milestone chapel, dedicated to Sainte-Marie Reine du Monde was built in the sixties. It possesses an old Virgin in Majesty of the 15th century with a height of 66cm.


Chapelle Lacoste
Chemin de la Chapelle
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